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Troubleshooting and operation of the audio controller:

You must set your computer to allow it to run scripts and ActiveX controls to play the audio.  If the audio player does not load, check your settings.  If you don't see boxes that have multiple buttons and bars, like a stereo player, that's probably the problem.  If that's the problem, your computer will normally warn you and give you the option to run the scripts and ActiveX controls.  You must select to let them run or you will not hear the audio.

The streaming-audio page must stay open while you listen.  If you accidentally close that page then you will have to start over.   The good news is, you can fast forward once you get it back up.  

If you press the stop button (first button) instead of the pause button (third button), the lesson will start over.

"Loops" is defaulted to "No".  If you press the "L" button, it will set "Loops" to "On" and the lesson will automatically replay when it gets to the end.  

If you press the last button, the "I" button, the player will scroll across your screen.   I wish it weren't there; it serves no good purpose.

If you want to fast forward or rewind, hold down your left mouse button while holding it over the appropriate double-arrow button.  Clicking fast forward or rewind does nothing, you must hold down your mouse button.  The longer you hold down the button the more it will fast forward or rewind.

Balance, Volume, and Position can all be moved by holding your mouse arrow over the slider bar, pressing and holding down your left mouse button and sliding the bar left or right.