Pastor L.G. Merritt Study Books

A collection of categorical studies 
by Pastor L.G. Merritt


"D." = Doctrine

Volume 1 (A-F)

Volume 2 (G-O)

Volume 3 (P-Z)

148th Psalm 

353 Promises Fulfilled New

Doctrine of Abraham New

 Ancient Manuscripts

D. of Angelic Communication

Angelic Conflict


D, of Angels

D. of Anger

D. of the Antichrist

D. of Anti-Semitism

D. of Apostleship 

The Ark and the Philistines 
D. of Ascension and seating of christ 

D.  of Athletic Metaphor

D. of Authenticity

D.  of Authority


Balaam the Prophet

D. of Baptism New

Water Baptism 

D. of the Bema

The Bible's Caesars and the Praetorian Guard

D. of Biblical Languages

D. of Bitterness 

Can I believe the Bible?

Our Blessed Assurance New

D. of the Blood


D. of Capital Punishment

D. of Capitalism 

D. of Christ the Bridegroom The Church the Bride  


D. of the Conscience

D. of Confession and Faith

D. of Conscience

D. of Creation 

Creation, Chaos and Restoration New


D. of the Cup

Book of Daniel

Daniel Seven New

Daniel Eight New

The Day of the Lord  New

D. of Deborah New

D. of Demons 



Divine Decrees New

Teaching Didasko 

Divine Discipline

.D. of Divine Good

D. of Divorce

D of Drinking New

Divine Establishment 

Divine Institutions New

D. of Doer

D. of Dogs

Extracanonical Revelation

Divine Guidance in a Chaotic World 

D. of the Ears

The Emotions of the Soul

Our Emphasis

D. of Enemyship New


Essence of God 

The Four Divine Institutions

Book of Esther

D of Eternal Security

Eternal Security Ė Justification

D. of Evolution New

ExtraBiblical Revelation


Faith a Fruit of the Spirit

D. of Faithfulness 

D. of Faith-Rest

Faith Rest Promises

Doctrine of Faith

False Communicators

D. of the False Prophet


D. of Fear

D. of Enigna of Fear

First Day in Heaven  New

Five Cycles of Discipline

Doctrine of Fornication

Four Unconditional Covenants

The Hallelujah Psalm

Fourth Generation Curse

Psalms 119 Gems

Giving New

D. of Glory




Doctrine of Godís Watchcare 

D. of Grace

The Great White Throne

D. of the Greek Sea People

D. of Happiness

D. of Health and Healing

The D. of Heathenism


D of the Heart

Doctrine of Heaven New

Doctrine of Herod

D. of Hezekiah 

Hittite Empire

D. of the Holy Spirit



Human Good

Human Good vs Divine Good

Hypostatic Union 

Importance of Doctrine 

Indwelling of Christ  

D of Impersonal Love

Doctrine of Inspiration

Doctrine of Ironsides New

D. of Ishmael

James-Brother of John

James Chapter 5 & Healing

D. of James the Half-Brother of Jesus

King James Bible

D. of Jealousy

New Jerusalem

D. of Jesus

John the Apostle New

D. of Jonah New

Book of Jude New

The D. of Manna

The D. of Marioiogy  

D. of jeremiah


D. of Jezebel

D. of Job

D. of Judas Iscariot

D. of Judgements New

D. of JustificationKeeping a Promise Made

How we got our King James Bible

The Kingdom Offered

D. of the Lampstand

D. of Leprosy  

Liberty vs License

Lordís Prayer Analysis

Lord's Table Special Manuscripts

D. of the Day of the Lord

Category 1, Love of God

D. of Love

Category V Love

Man Loves Evil New

D. of Manna

Marriage and More

Mary did you know?

The D. of Mary

Matthew Thirteen

D. of Meekness

The D. of Melchizedec

d. of the millennium

Doctrine of Miracles

D. of Mental Attitude 

Mohammud vs Christ

D. of The Mosaic Law

D. of Murder

D. of Music 

D. of the Mystery

D. of Nero 

D. of the old sin nature

Noahís Ark

Palm Sunday Introduction

Palm Sunday 

Paul's Reversionism

D. of Paul the Apostile

D. of Persecution

The Life of Pete the Apostle

The D. of the Phallic Cult

D. of the Pharisee

The Plan of God


The Poor 

D. of positional truth

The Power of The word of God

D. of The Praetorian Guard  

D. of Prayer

A Prayer Journey

Basis of the Premillennial Faith New

D of Priscilla and Aquila

Doctrine of Pride

D. of the Priest Nation

Problem Solving Devices


D. of the Publican


D of the Reformation

Reformation Heroes New

D. of Refreshment

Doctrine of Repentance New


Resurrection Introduction New

 The Resurrection

Revelation Introduction

Revelations Unveiled New

Right Man-Right Woman 

The D. of the Rock  

D. of Roman Empire

D. of Roman-Islamic Jerusalem

Royal Family Honor Code

D. of Royalty

The Rudiments of the World

The D. of the Sabbath

D. of Salt  

At Salvation Gifts New


Doctrine of Sanctification

D. of Sardis  

Doctrine of the Strategy of Satan

D. of the Scribe


D. of Seven Deaths

The D. of the Seventieth Week 

D. of the Sheep


D. of Sheol


D. of Slavery  New

Slavery in the Old Testament

Saint Patrick

D. of Suffering 

The Supreme Court 
of Heaven 

D. of the Synagogue

Tabernacle Liturgy 

D. of Tartaros

D.  of Thanks   

Three Classes of Men

D. of Titus

D. of Tongues

D. of Trials of Jesus

D. of  Transfiguration New

Tree of Paul's Life 

D. of the Trials of Paul 

The Tribulation

Short Form Doctrine of the Tribulation New

Unpardonable Blasphemy

D. of the Vow

The Doctrine of the Veil

D. of Walking

Walking Amidst the Angels

Walking Amidst the
Angelic Conflict New

Washing Feet Vs Total Bath

War - Moral or Immoral 

The D. of Wealth New

The Will of God  


D. of Witnessing

D. of the Woman

Role of the Woman in the Local Church

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